Tattoos are distributed around the world with different tattoo cultures.

Thai tattoos:Thai tattoos are mainly based on Buddhist images and sutra patterns, which can be described as magical. You ask the Thai what is the meaning of tattoos, he will shoot at you for the sh...

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Tattoo is the art of time dimension contradiction

Tattoo is the art of time dimension contradiction, for the individual, it is eternal; for eternity, eternity is just a short lifetime. In the social perspective, for the whole, perhaps with prejudi...

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Tattoos and gold chains

Society is supposed to judge people by their appearance.

Especially for tattoos, most chinese people are still very disgusted.

What is the purpose of tattoos, the parties concerne...

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The most famous tattoos in Chinese history

In 1126, when Yue Fei was fifteen or sixteen years old, the Jin people in the north invaded the country, and the Song ru...

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The origin and history of tattoos in China

In China, the early tattoo is out of totem worship, only the identity of noble people can have a tattoo, but with the development of civilization, tattoo gradually abandoned by civilized society. Read article

14 chinese saying tattoos

Proverbs are simple and concise phrases that are widely spread among the people, and are generally passed down orally, mostly in the form of colloquial phrases or rhymes that are easy to understand...

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TOP 14 Chinese characters that can't be tattooed

Many people think tattoo Chinese characters are very fashionable, but Chinese characters are not good-looking strokes can just choose. If you do not understand the Chinese culture or no expert guid...

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what is the best chinese tattoo mean i love my mom?

In China, few or almost no one tattoos I love dad, I love mom. Because Chinese people are more subtle in their feelings, unlike Europeans and Americans who express their emotions so directly. Tradi...

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what does ariana grande's chinese tattoo say

Ariana Grande's Chinese name is 爱莉安娜·格兰德 This is her name when she was developing in Japan, her name Japanese pronunciation i...

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Fall down 7 times stand up 8 tattoo in chinese

"fall down 7 times stand up 8" means that no matter how many times you fail, you don't get discouraged, and each time you fail, you get up again and keep trying.I l...

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